9 Tips For Traveling To Varadero, Cuba


Cuba is a beautiful country that’s remained a mystery to many given the political and social issues that have prohibited travelers from the U.S., but that’s about to change thanks to a new set of regulations that expand U.S. relations with Cuba thanks to President Obama’s new policy changes. And those traveling from other countries already have the privilege of experiencing Cuba and all its splendor.

One such amazing place in Cuba is Vardero, which covers the island’s narrow Hicacos Peninsula. The popular beach resort town is town for its many all-inclusive hotels and spas, as well as its lavish golf course. The clear turquoise warm water makes it a paradise, making it a go-to destination for many tourists looking to have some much needed fun in the sun! If you’re ready for a warmer climate to relax in, here are some tips for traveling to Varadero, Cuba:

  1. It’s perfectly safe

Although the same can’t be said about other parts of Cuba, Varadero is very safe. The locals are friendly and the resort town is bustling with tourists everywhere you look. You’ll be totally safe while vacationing in Varadero, even while walking around at night. You’ll actually feel right at home while on vacation!

  1. Try other beaches

Even if you’re staying at one particular resort that has its own beachfront, go off and try out the different beautiful beaches in the area. The ones in the center of town are less crowded and just as nice, and you’ll be able to stroll the main town while you’re at it!

  1. Book other accommodations besides resorts

Although many prefer the resort life with its unlimited access to loads of cool and convenient amenities, know that you can also stay at many B&Bs that are littered throughout the town. These smaller venues are affordable and very comfortable to stay at thanks to their high-level of service. And the caring locals who run these smaller places to stay will provide you with a totally memorable and personal experience!

  1. Take advantage of the beautiful sunsets

Varadero has amazing sunsets so during your stay take advantage of seeing one up close and personal by heading to the beach around sunset to see one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen in your life. You’ll be able to get a front row seat to watch the sun turn the water and skies from a gold to a very deep orange, making it look as if the sky is on fire. Beauty at its best!

  1. Head to the Beatles Bar

Yup, you read that right…Varadero has its own bar that’s dedicated to The Beatles. You won’t be able to miss this place thanks to its life-size statues of the iconic British quartet that tower outside of the bar’s front doors. Although it looks very touristy, it’s one of those things you can’t miss, especially if you love rock music and a few good drinks.

  1. Head to the bank instead of the ATMs

If you’re in need of some extra cash, it’s better to head to a bank than try and go on a scavenger hunt to find one since they’re pretty limited in the town. Instead, take your passport to the bank to get out some extra money when you need it (but always check for opening hours).

  1. The locals speak English

Since it’s a resort town, the locals speak English pretty well so you don’t have to worry about having to learn Spanish to be able to communicate while in Varadero. It’s always comforting to know that you’ll be able to communicate with the people around you while on vacation!

  1. Visit Josone Park

If you’re looking for a nice change of scenery, make sure that you go and take a stroll around one of Varadero’s most popular spots, Josone Park. It features a lake, tons of green trees and small little houses that are transformed into bars and restaurants along its walkways. It’s a great alternative to the beach for a while and will provide you with some amazing sights.

  1. Know that your cell service won’t be that good

Going in to your Varadero vacation, it’s good to know that your cellular service won’t always be as great as it is back home (which is a given any time you go on vacation). You might not to make calls or check your emails around certain areas in Varadero, so don’t get frustrated and just keep on trying to look for a signal anywhere you can. Also, the Internet isn’t all that great even in the best resort. Usually, you’ll just be able to get Internet access in the lobby and it will have a very low connection speed.