A Few Tips On Depression Every Teen Must Read


Hey there…Are you a teen? Feeling stressed with bells and whistles ringing in your head? Can’t take the stress from school/college anymore? Or your home responsibilities?

We feel you. Seriously.

The truth is, there are a lot of teens that share the same problems. And as much as we’d love to preach you that entire ‘hormone’ bull$hit, there are some deeper reasons that may urge you to feel sorry for yourself or even worse, blame yourself for the things you do and feelings you feel.

Flash news – we all feel moody, sad and grouchy once in a while. Just because you are in college doesn’t mean that the stress is on you all the time. After all, college is an exciting time for everyone, but it can also be a lot challenging for every student. Whether you are living abroad and independently or are still with your parents, meeting new people and getting a lot less sleep comes at its own cost.

So, if you have been feeling sad or hopeless or even irritable for a while, you might have depression.

No – we are not saying depression to stress you out even more. Depression is normal – even more normal for people who are aware of it (just like you now). It is a medical term with many symptoms and something that a lot of people share. The sadness and irritation you feel may be only a small part of depression. From the feelings of guilt to hopelessness, difficulties in sleeping, remembering or making decisions to even suicide and death thoughts, all of these are common symptoms of depression…

So, what to do and wipe out the depression out of your lifestyle?

There is only one thing that is proven to cure your depression: seeking professional help. And if you feel like a lunatic for doing that, just think about your day-to-day feelings and how destructive they actually are. OK – if you cannot make up your own mind and visit a professional, you can start with “self-medication”.

Yes, you can self-medicate yourself away from the depression. The best things to do include daily exercises, spending your time outside in nature and under the sun, getting enough sleep and avoiding all-nighters as well as cutting on the sugary products, alcohol and drugs.

In a nutshell, hanging out with your friends more and more, going out and exercising are the best ways to avoid depression or treat it yourself. And if you are now wondering what happens to the study sessions and college life, you should do one thing – break up every large task into a smaller ones and do them one by one, over a longer period of time. That way, you will have more time for your (true) self instead of your depressive thoughts and feelings.

So, are you ready to get organised and finally put an end to the self-destructiveness?

You can do it.


Your 7-Step Guide To Visiting Amsterdam


The Kingdom of Netherlands has it’s capital – and it is named Amsterdam.

In case you never heard of this beautiful city in Europe, you are missing on a lot. It is the largest city in Netherlands, but aside from that – one of the most growing tech scenes with tons of touristic activities and things to do.

Can we just say that Amsterdam has it all?

In a way, yes. And if you want to experience all of the things it has to offer, we have made a 7-step plan to guide you to the ‘City of Freedom’

1: Find The Best Hotel or AirBnB

After booking your plane to Amsterdam, it’s time to see where you will be staying. Although hotels are the most common choice for tourists, AirBnB is another great type of stay you must experience.

Basically, you can rent a room or an entire apartment through AirBnB and get to meet the host, hear some stories about the city and live like a local. Woah, isn’t that cool?

2: Get A Bike And Pedal Around The City

You are landing in Amsterdam, checkin into your hotel or AirBnB. What’s next?

Get a bike. In fact, you’ll look weird without one. Amsterdam is also known as ‘The City of Bikes’ because of the amazing culture on two wheels the city has. There are bike parking spots, lanes and even traffic lights everywhere!

So, why not rent a bike? (the prices are incredibly cheap!)


3: Take a Tour On The ‘Red Light District’

The Red Light District is the world’s most popular urban area for prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, sex shops, strip clubs etc. While we are not trying to be rude here, going to Amsterdam and not seeing this street is like eating a hamburger without the meat!

Secret Tip: If you are a boy, you’ll love it!

4: Go Clubbing

Amsterdam has a vibrant clubbing scene. In fact, most of the world’s most popular DJs like Avicii, Hardwell, Tiesto, Afrojack and Armin van Buuren come from Netherlands. So…let’s just say that you’ll have a great time in some of the popular clubs in Amsterdam including Paradiso, Jimmy Woo and Bitterzoet.


5: Shop For ‘Cookies’…

Amsterdam is known as the City of Freedom mostly because of the prostitution and drugs, which are legal in the country. And once again, while we are not meaning to be rude or point you to trying the weed, let’s just say that there are shops selling marijuana cookies, weed and other drugs everywhere across the city.

Step 6: Feed Your Artistic Soul

If you love arts, you’ll love Amsterdam – as simple as that. After all, it has the Rijksmuseum, which houses some of the most popular European masterpieces and the Van Gogh Museum, where you can see Vincent’s art from up close.

Even if you start painting on a canvas in the middle of the street, people won’t look at you in a strange way. Amsterdam loves art!

Step 7: Beer, Beer And More Beer…

There are dozens of different beers in Netherlands, and we challenge you to try them all. From the dark ones to the light pilseners, you will find an amazing variety and great tastes in some of the world’s best beer.

Did you know that Heineken, one of the most popular beers in the world, is made near Amsterdam. If you love this type of beer, you are definitely fit for the Heineken World Experience – an interactive tour which will fill all your beer senses!

So, are you ready?

Pack your bags, call your friends – and head to Amsterdam, creating unforgettable memories!

7 Tips For An Amazing Vacation To Tulum


For anyone in need of a bit of R&R, a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula is just what they need to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. While some like to visit Cancun, others prefer a quieter and more relaxed visit to Mexico, which is why they opt for the beautiful sights of Tulum. The area has grown in the past decade to become one of Mexico’s most desired vacation spots. It’s often considered a tucked-away jewel of the Mexican Riviera since it offers more of a secluded hideaway for guests looking for a more laid back vacation that the vibrant and busy atmosphere of Cancun, which is about an hour and a half away from Tulum.

A few of Tulum’s main attractions include its beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea, some of the best-preserved Mayan ruins, dozens of underwater caverns called cenotes and its bioreserves. It’s a place of true beauty, which is why many prefer Tulum over other desired tourist spots in Mexico, offering the luxury of relaxation with fun activities and plenty of culture, which all combines for an amazing vacation for just about anyone! Here are some great tips for an amazing vacation to Tulum:

  1. Ways to save money

Like any vacation, you’ll want to save money anywhere you can. Tulum is no different and since it’s an up-and-coming vacation destination, things are getting pricy in the region. But you can easily still save money by doing a few of these things:

  • Packing a beach bag – every time you head out to the beach, pack a bag. Even though Playa Paraiso beach is free for tourists, you’ll have to spend money if you want to do some of the watersports offered there or order any food. Even the hammocks will cost you, so cut down on spending by bringing your own snacks that you can easily buy for cheap at one of the many stores around the area.
  • Go for the freebies – when choosing where to stay, weigh in on the location’s incentives. Many locations offer different things like a free room upgrade, money off of spa services and complimentary bottles of wine and the like.
  • Plan ahead – Sometimes you can get a cheaper deal if you plan and book ahead instead of just going there and showing up for an activity that you’re interested in.
  1. When to visit

When planning your trip to Tulum, you’ll want to go when the weather is nice, which is between October and December. This is great if you’re trying to escape a winter wonderland and want to vacation in warmer weather. You’ll also benefit from post hurricane-season breezes and will love how reasonable hotels are this time of year. The height of Tulum tourist season is from January to March so avoid these months if you’re looking to avoid massive crowds in the area. From July to September, Tulum experiences hurricane season.

  1. Visit El Gran Cenote

The small underground cavern is great for swimming and diving. It was once considered sacred waters by the ancient Mayans, and you can even go snorkeling among the stalagmites and stalactites.


  1. Check out the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

The region features many eco-parks and natural reserves, but the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve tops them all! It features 1.2 million acres of cenotes, wetlands, reefs and estuaries, as well as tons of local wildlife. You’ll definitely want to spend a day touring the reserve, going on a snorkeling tour or just embracing the reserve’s beauty by relaxing at a place that catches your eye.

  1. Visit the Tulum ruins

One of the main attractions in Tulum is the Tulum Ruins, which is one of the most popular sites along the Riviera Maya. The ruins feature various temples, castles and more from the pre-Colombian Mayans. The ruins sit over the ocean on top of a small cliff, making for amazing scenery. And the calm beach below is a great place to go swimming so bring your swimsuit!

  1. Scope out the local scene of the town of Tulum

The main town of Tulum is a great place filled with cool little shops that sell an array of locally made things and authentic Yucatan Peninsula food that you can’t experience anywhere else.

  1. Catch a show by the Voladores

Outside the entrance to the ruins, you can sometimes catch a small performance by a group of five guys in costumes as they perform flying and dancing stunts on top of a pole. They’re locally known as the Voladores and are actually recreating a pre-historic ritual that’s associated with the Totonac Indians from central Mexico.

9 Tips For Traveling To Varadero, Cuba


Cuba is a beautiful country that’s remained a mystery to many given the political and social issues that have prohibited travelers from the U.S., but that’s about to change thanks to a new set of regulations that expand U.S. relations with Cuba thanks to President Obama’s new policy changes. And those traveling from other countries already have the privilege of experiencing Cuba and all its splendor.

One such amazing place in Cuba is Vardero, which covers the island’s narrow Hicacos Peninsula. The popular beach resort town is town for its many all-inclusive hotels and spas, as well as its lavish golf course. The clear turquoise warm water makes it a paradise, making it a go-to destination for many tourists looking to have some much needed fun in the sun! If you’re ready for a warmer climate to relax in, here are some tips for traveling to Varadero, Cuba:

  1. It’s perfectly safe

Although the same can’t be said about other parts of Cuba, Varadero is very safe. The locals are friendly and the resort town is bustling with tourists everywhere you look. You’ll be totally safe while vacationing in Varadero, even while walking around at night. You’ll actually feel right at home while on vacation!

  1. Try other beaches

Even if you’re staying at one particular resort that has its own beachfront, go off and try out the different beautiful beaches in the area. The ones in the center of town are less crowded and just as nice, and you’ll be able to stroll the main town while you’re at it!

  1. Book other accommodations besides resorts

Although many prefer the resort life with its unlimited access to loads of cool and convenient amenities, know that you can also stay at many B&Bs that are littered throughout the town. These smaller venues are affordable and very comfortable to stay at thanks to their high-level of service. And the caring locals who run these smaller places to stay will provide you with a totally memorable and personal experience!

  1. Take advantage of the beautiful sunsets

Varadero has amazing sunsets so during your stay take advantage of seeing one up close and personal by heading to the beach around sunset to see one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen in your life. You’ll be able to get a front row seat to watch the sun turn the water and skies from a gold to a very deep orange, making it look as if the sky is on fire. Beauty at its best!

  1. Head to the Beatles Bar

Yup, you read that right…Varadero has its own bar that’s dedicated to The Beatles. You won’t be able to miss this place thanks to its life-size statues of the iconic British quartet that tower outside of the bar’s front doors. Although it looks very touristy, it’s one of those things you can’t miss, especially if you love rock music and a few good drinks.

  1. Head to the bank instead of the ATMs

If you’re in need of some extra cash, it’s better to head to a bank than try and go on a scavenger hunt to find one since they’re pretty limited in the town. Instead, take your passport to the bank to get out some extra money when you need it (but always check for opening hours).

  1. The locals speak English

Since it’s a resort town, the locals speak English pretty well so you don’t have to worry about having to learn Spanish to be able to communicate while in Varadero. It’s always comforting to know that you’ll be able to communicate with the people around you while on vacation!

  1. Visit Josone Park

If you’re looking for a nice change of scenery, make sure that you go and take a stroll around one of Varadero’s most popular spots, Josone Park. It features a lake, tons of green trees and small little houses that are transformed into bars and restaurants along its walkways. It’s a great alternative to the beach for a while and will provide you with some amazing sights.

  1. Know that your cell service won’t be that good

Going in to your Varadero vacation, it’s good to know that your cellular service won’t always be as great as it is back home (which is a given any time you go on vacation). You might not to make calls or check your emails around certain areas in Varadero, so don’t get frustrated and just keep on trying to look for a signal anywhere you can. Also, the Internet isn’t all that great even in the best resort. Usually, you’ll just be able to get Internet access in the lobby and it will have a very low connection speed.


6 Things To Do In Las Vegas For The Best Vacation Ever


Many think that all you do in Las Vegas is drink, gamble and party, and while that’s true, there’s so much more to the vibrant city. Considered to be a grown up’s playground, Las Vegas is indeed a vibrant city in the middle of the desert, but there’s more than just the iconic Strip that features all the big hotels and casinos. But if you’re not really into gambling or partying, there are a lot of other things you can do in Vegas to still have a great time. So although the city is known for it neon lights and famous sights, here are a few fun things to do in Las Vegas to have the best vacation ever:

  1. Explore the Strip

Put on your walking shoes and explore the iconic Strip. Soak in the neon sights, colorful people and everything else that the Strip offers. It’s fairly long, so you know that you’ll be walking for a while, but it’ll be a blast. And the cool thing about Las Vegas is that you can walk outside with alcohol, so you’ll be able to walk with your favorite cocktail in hand as you explore the Strip and check out the Vegas scene. And it’s here you’ll be able to see all of the city’s most iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower at Paris, the Bellagio Fountains and so much more!

  1. The Mob Museum

Las Vegas used to be home to some of America’s biggest gangsters and has a rich history in the 20the century gangster era. You can actually visit the Mob Museum that’s located at the city’s former federal courthouse that’s located in the downtown area of old Vegas. It features 12 exhibits that’s devoted to America’s mob history, providing visitors with loads of info on notorious gangsters like Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone and John Gotti, as well as the dedicated FBI agents and G-men who worked to crush them.

  1. Freemont Street Experience

Before there was the Strip, there was Freemont Street where all the classic, but less-visited- casinos are and now this section of Vegas is home to a fun tourist stop called the Freemont Street Experience. It features a huge LED canopy and occupies several blocks of Freemont Street. You can hear cool sounds thanks to its 555,000W sound system that also provides intervals of entertainment every hour between 6 P.M. and 11 P.M. Visitors can keep distracted by the numerous food stands, stores and even partake in a fun zipline along the route.

  1. Big Apple Rollercoaster At new York-New York

The New York-New York Hotel and Casino is a fun replica of The Big Apple and features a faux-Manhattan Skyline complete with things like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Inside are various shops and eateries, including a NYC-style pizzeria, as well as plenty of casino games. But many like to take a ride on the Big Apple Rollercoaster that weaves through the skyline and features amazing views of the Strip. It’s a fun ride that will delight those of all ages!

  1. The Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris

Visit the City of Lights in Vegas while stopping off at the Paris Hotel and Casino. As one of the Strip’s most popular places, you’ll find a replica of the famed Arc de Triomphe, décor that looks like the same décor from the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower that is 46 stories high right in the middle of the Strip. You can visit the top for a small fee and even book a wonderful meal at the restaurant. Inside the casino the French theme continues and you can even shop some of its swanky stores or have the night of your life up at the Chateau rooftop club

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, The Strip

  1. Visit the Mirage’s Volcano

If you’re feeling lucky, you’ll definitely want to stop in and drop some cash inside the Mirage’s casino, which is considered one of the luckiest places on the Strip. But if that’s not your thing, you can easily check out its massive volcano. The Polynesian-themed casino has its own man-made volcano that spews fireballs to the sounds of The Grateful Dead and really looks like a volcano exploding with all the theatrics! And the hotel is also home to a 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium and is where you can see dolphins at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. There’s also great shopping, restaurants and various nightlife places to party. If you have time to take in a show, check out the Cirque du Soleil “LOVE” performance inspired by the music from The Beatles.


7 Things To Do In L.A. For An Amazing Vacation


Los Angeles is a tourist’s dream! The sunny weather, friendly locals and amazing sights all combine to provide them with one amazing vacation. The City of Angels is one of the world’s most visited cities thanks to its numerous attractions and natural beauty. The vibrant city provides something for everyone – families, singles and those who are just looking for a good time! From beaches to the mountains, amusement parks and movie stars, Los Angeles is a great place for any type of vacation you’re looking for. If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, here are some fun things to do to have an amazing vacation:

  1. Visit the beach

Los Angles is home to beautiful beaches. There’s Santa Monica, which has it’s own pier complete with rides and games; Malibu with its fancy restaurants and million-dollar homes; Venice beach with its eclectic characters; and Redondo Beach with its vibrant nightlife filled with bars and the like. Heading to the beach is one of the first thing tourists do to experience the city and it should be at the top of your list, too! You can take a dip in the Pacific ocean, lay out in the sand or walk the pier and experience the locals.

  1. Get star struck in Hollywood

A huge reason so many tourists want to visit L.A. is because it’s home to Hollywood, the movie capital of the world. Not only can you take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see your favorite celebrity, star, artist or personality, that you can also check out the hand and footprints of some of the most iconic names in Hollywood at the iconic Chinese Theater. Hollywood also boasts lots of cool places to see, eat and shop, providing tourists with lots to see and do. And if you want to see where the rich and famous stay, you can book one of many celebrity tours that will take you all around the city’s hotspots and even outside the homes of celebrities. An L.A. trip isn’t complete without a visit to Hollywood!

  1. View amazing art

Although museums aren’t exactly at the top of every tourist’s list, when you visit L.A. you can’t miss out on the art that’s at the city’s Getty Center. It’s one of the best museums in the world thanks to its generous endowments that allows it to have such an impressive collection. You can view several works of art from historic artists like Monet, Rubens, Renoir, Van Gogh and Cezanne. The museum also has a vast photography collection and the ground themselves are a reason to visit thanks to its picturesque scenery and gardens, including its fine sculpture garden.

  1. Visit Rodeo Drive

Of course you’ve probably heard of Rodeo Drive or at least scene it in movies (“Pretty Woman” being one of them) and now you can actually stroll along one of the world’s most luxurious streets. Even if you can’t afford to buy anything from the street’s many high-end stores, it’s still fun to experience it. And you can even visit Anderson Court, which is the only shopping mall ever to be designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright.

  1. Take a stroll down Museum Row

If museums are your thing, you’ll want to take a stroll down Museum Row, which is home to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), with the focal pound the BP Grand Entrance that includes the stunning installation (and most photographed entrance ever) of Chris Burden’s Urban Light. And that’s right across the street from the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Craft & Folk Art Museum.

  1. Visit Disneyland

If you have kids (or even if you’re a big kid), you have to stop by Disneyland to experience the Happiest Place On Earth! The legendary theme park has Disneyland and California Adventure and provides guests with loads of rides, food and attractions! Many like to at least visit for two days to get the most of the two parks and if you have a family, it’s practically a must when you visit L.A.!


  1. Visit Universal Studios

If you’re not a huge fan of all things Disney, then you can easily get your fill at Universal Studios, which also boasts fun rides and various attractions. The theme park is also located in the heart of Universal City Walk, which boasts loads of shops, restaurants and more!

L.A. is an amazing city and a great place to visit any time of the year thanks to the great weather all year round. With so much to do, you’ll definitely want to make sure you stay for at least a week to see and do everything on your list!


Punta Cana, Here We Go!


From breath-taking beaches to the incredible sounds of the local, night life, Punta Cana is brimming with places that everyone should visit. Yet, where does a penny-pinching, adventure-hungry twentysomething even begin when it comes to traveling to Punta Cana? Having traveled to Punta Cana on several occasions, I have found the best locations that should be on everyone’s bucket list. For millennials, these locations offer a taste of Punta Cana’s delicious authentic cuisine, stunning beaches, the best night clubs, and craziest adventure spots.

I am a sucker for beautiful beaches. Although Punta Cana has a variety of attractive beach spots to choose from, Catalina Island by far offers the most appealing scenery and beach activities. I took the snorkeling tour that lasted all-day and spent less than $100. Included in this incredible deal was a lobster dinner, drinks, and the option to scuba dive. I have enjoyed snorkeling in other locations in Hawaii and Mexico, but the Caribbean offers crystal blue waters that is incomparable to any place I had ever adventured to prior.

If snorkeling and scuba diving isn’t your thing, Punta Cana has much more to offer. I especially enjoy experiencing some of the same spots the locals frequent. When I arrived in Punta Cana, I kept hearing about the Drink Point Bavaro, a bar popular with the Dominicans. It is the perfect spot for the brave, free-spirited soul that wants to experience the authentic culture of the Dominican people or just enjoy drinks at a reasonable price. Regardless, you will enjoy a local DJ playing a variety of music and certainly have a ton of fun dancing throughout the night.

It didn’t take long while in Punta Cana that I heard about Canopy Adventures. This is not your average zip line experience. Instead, Canopy picked me up at my hotel and during the trip to our location, the driver shared stories and information about life in Dominica. We passed through villages and I truly got a glimpse of the culture and living in Punta Cana. Just when I thought the trip couldn’t get any better, it was finally time to zip line. Canopy offered a variety of zip line options, but I preferred, as many tourists, the Superman. The experience was incredible and one would think the price would be outrageous, but I negotiated a great deal. I found that the Dominicans are excellent negotiators and willing to work with tourists if you are fair and friendly.

To unwind from the outdoor excursions and zip lining, one could always lay out at the beach and enjoy the exceptional year-round weather Punta Cana has to offer. Yet, another option is a trip to the Spa and Punta Cana is not limited in its Spa selection. I visited a couple. First, the Palmarosa Spa and enjoyed a 50 minute massage. I quickly learned at this place, the best deals are when you come in groups or pairs and purchase packages. This place was a little pricey, but the massage was incredible and it was just what I needed to recoup. Later, in my vacation, I tried a second spot called the Six Senses Spa at Punta Cana Resort and Club after it was recommended to me by a few other tourists. This place was much better in price and still offered an excellent spa experience. Prior to my trip, I wasn’t really the type of woman that would spend time getting massages at the spa, but I fell in love with it while in Punta Cana. If I had the money to splurge on spas, I would have certainly booked the Punta Cana Spa and Relaxation Cruise that I saw advertised in my hotel. Maybe next trip, and there will certainly be a next trip, I will give the cruise a closer look.

Before leaving Punta Cana, you must try out the local cuisine. Mamma Luisa is one restaurant popular among the locals and deemed the best in the area. I have to say that I agree. Not only is the food delicious and the service is great, but the restaurant seems to embody the best Punta Cana has to offer.

I never imagined how beautiful and enjoyable Punta Cana could be. As a young adult, I had always been marketed trips to Padre Island or Mexico. Although these places are much cheaper, they fall way short in comparison to Dominica. Punta Cana offered a variety of affordable experiences that anyone could find something enjoyable to do. The cultural experiences made me feel alive and fall in love with the hardworking people of Punta Cana. Until my next trip, I will certainly not forget the late nights dancing at the Drink Point Bavaro or flying down a zip line at Canopy Adventures. I will not forget the village I traveled through or the incredible people I met while in Punta Cana.