A Few Tips On Depression Every Teen Must Read


Hey there…Are you a teen? Feeling stressed with bells and whistles ringing in your head? Can’t take the stress from school/college anymore? Or your home responsibilities?

We feel you. Seriously.

The truth is, there are a lot of teens that share the same problems. And as much as we’d love to preach you that entire ‘hormone’ bull$hit, there are some deeper reasons that may urge you to feel sorry for yourself or even worse, blame yourself for the things you do and feelings you feel.

Flash news – we all feel moody, sad and grouchy once in a while. Just because you are in college doesn’t mean that the stress is on you all the time. After all, college is an exciting time for everyone, but it can also be a lot challenging for every student. Whether you are living abroad and independently or are still with your parents, meeting new people and getting a lot less sleep comes at its own cost.

So, if you have been feeling sad or hopeless or even irritable for a while, you might have depression.

No – we are not saying depression to stress you out even more. Depression is normal – even more normal for people who are aware of it (just like you now). It is a medical term with many symptoms and something that a lot of people share. The sadness and irritation you feel may be only a small part of depression. From the feelings of guilt to hopelessness, difficulties in sleeping, remembering or making decisions to even suicide and death thoughts, all of these are common symptoms of depression…

So, what to do and wipe out the depression out of your lifestyle?

There is only one thing that is proven to cure your depression: seeking professional help. And if you feel like a lunatic for doing that, just think about your day-to-day feelings and how destructive they actually are. OK – if you cannot make up your own mind and visit a professional, you can start with “self-medication”.

Yes, you can self-medicate yourself away from the depression. The best things to do include daily exercises, spending your time outside in nature and under the sun, getting enough sleep and avoiding all-nighters as well as cutting on the sugary products, alcohol and drugs.

In a nutshell, hanging out with your friends more and more, going out and exercising are the best ways to avoid depression or treat it yourself. And if you are now wondering what happens to the study sessions and college life, you should do one thing – break up every large task into a smaller ones and do them one by one, over a longer period of time. That way, you will have more time for your (true) self instead of your depressive thoughts and feelings.

So, are you ready to get organised and finally put an end to the self-destructiveness?

You can do it.


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